Full Page Ad


You can edit your web full page ad as often as desired on your free web advertising account.

Add 100 characters of your ad caption, 100 characters of the title for your full page ad and 500 characters of content to explain what your ministry does.

Add your logo / service or ministry images and keywords to take web surfers into 3 different locations on your web site such as your landing pages.

You can add up to 7 links to your social media sites such as : Your Business FaceBook Page, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest, Blog Site, and if needed LinkedIn.

Click on this Full Page Web Ad sign up link to get your Ad shown on this Chamber Of Commerce Web Directory Web Site. This advertising services is an inexpensive flat rate with unlimited clicks and no pay per click charges so no surprises in your advertising budget. You can stay on the Chamber Of Commerce web directory for as long as you like with no cancellation charges. Click on this Full Page Ad Benefits link for more information!

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