Web Full Page Ad- Adding your Your YouTube or Vimeo Video


Click on the video tutorial below to view some of the benefits you get on this advertising service including seeing how your web full page ad is displayed.  This video below is the full service on https://www.webfullpagead.com/  allowing you to be on 25 web directories where as this site allows you on two main Business Directories as a cost reduction.

You can edit your web full page ad as often as desired on your free web advertising account. Add your logo / product images and keywords to take them into 3 different locations on your web site to sign up for the promotions you are offering. Click on this Web Full Page Ad sign up link to get your Ad shown on the web business directory! This advertising services is a flat rate with unlimited clicks and no pay per click charges so no surprises in your advertising budget. Click on this Full Page Ad Benefits link for more information!